Thank you for your contribution as a panelist to the NEA webinar, Our Role as Educators – Girls’ Pathways to Leadership. Your participation on the panel provided valuable look into school practice and efforts in foster gender equity in the classroom and beyond. I appreciated how you included examples from your life as an AP English teacher, but also brought out national trends. Too, we appreciate the extra effort you took to put together the handout, Things Educators Should Know About Teaching Girls, which we have placed on our website.

The webinar took patience, too! This was the first time for NEA to sponsor a Google Hangout conference with this level of sophistication. In fact, to produce the webinar, we built a team of staff from six NEA departments.

Now, we have an edited recording of the webinar on the website which can be used for further professional development. Please continue to let colleagues know about the webinar and resources.

National Education Association (NEA)